The world is an amazing place and exploring it is our life’s ambition.

We are Jono and Juliet. We are a couple from Australia that met in Costa Rica. We love adventure. We love travel. We believe that in order to really live a life, you need to seek out new experiences, find new people, see new places, and relish every experience.

We believe that the beaten path is boring. We believe in getting close to nature. We believe in seeking out the extraordinary. We believe in going the extra mile—or ten miles—if that’s what it takes to find a truly authentic experience.

We believe that every new experience is an inspiration to seek out the next and we believe in sharing that inspiration. That’s what this site is for. We’ll talk about where we’ve been and what we’ve done. We’ll talk about ways to get closer to nature in ways that are safe for you and the planet. We’ll talk about gear. We’ll talk about avoiding the every day and seeking out the unique, authentic experiences of people all around the world.

We’ll occasionally share an affiliate link and we’re thinking about selling prints of our wildlife photography, but selling will never be our purpose. Our purpose is to explore and inspire and we’d like to invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you never have to miss a thing.


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